Why old people still rule Nigeria


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Posted by Chidinma on Wednesday April 1, 2015 at 11:37:2:

Back then when we were young, we were told that we are being groomed to become leaders of tomorrow; but in real life, you notice that the reverse is the case in Nigeria because the political affairs of the country are being welded by the older generation that have been handling them since Nigeria got its independence in 1960; it is only in very rare cases that you see young people holding political posts in Nigeria. The question now is why is it that old people still rule Nigeria?

Three reasons I think why old people still rule Nigeria include;

1. They still control Most of the Wealth: the older generation control most the wealth in the country while the younger generation are mostly young workers, unemployed and unemployed; and running for a political position requires a lot of financial investment which the younger generation do not have access to.

2. They are the Ones Mostly Involved in Politics: most young people are indifference about the political affairs; they are more concerned on how to get good jobs and become financially free; while some others consider politics as a dirty game and opt to stay out of it; that leaves the older generation with no other option but to take charge of the helm of affairs.

3. Young People Sell Their Votes: I mentioned earlier that young people are more concerned with how to make a living than how to contest for political posts; most of them do sell their votes for little money to older politicians.

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