Things Nigerian politicians do to win elections


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Posted by Chidinma on Friday March 20, 2015 at 15:55:29:

With the 2015 general elections just few weeks ahead; politicians are putting in their last minute efforts to ensure that they win their desired political posts. Some of the things that Nigerian politicians do to win elections include;

1. Heavy Campaigns: why I included the word heavy is because politicians have doubled their campaign efforts with the elections just a few weeks ahead; everywhere you turn you see posters and fliers of different people vying for various political posts from various political parties. Also you get to hear political jingles every few minutes you listen to the radio; and the same TV channels. In other word, Politicians have taken to campaign via TV channels, Radio jingles, Posters and Fliers in their bid the forth coming elections.

2. Giving Out Free Gifts: another method adopted by Politicians to help them win elections is that of sharing free gifts to the masses to induce them to vote for them during the elections; most of them are sharing bags of Rice, Ground Nut oil, Palm oil and Recharge cards to people, in a bid to win their heart. Others go to the extent of sharing money.

3. Slinging Dirt at Each Other: another thing that Nigerian politicians are doing now in their bid to get themselves into office is to sling dirt or dig up dark past of their opponents in order to discourage others from voting for such a person. Some have gone as far as bringing up issues of educational qualifications of their opponents; history of money mismanagement and so on.

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