Why Nigerian Christians should vote for a Christian governor


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Posted by Chidinma on Monday January 19, 2015 at 15:53:27:

Major elections will be taking place in the country this year and this will include the presidential elections, senatorial and governorship elections in many states of the country. In Nigeria two major religions are predominant, the Christian and Islamic religions; and apart from the manifesto and what a governorship aspirant has to offer, the citizens of the state have to also put into consideration the religions of the aspirants as a major factor to consider when making a choice of who to vote into office. In order words a state that is dominated by Christians should vote in a Christian as their next governor; reasons why this is important include for Christians to vote in a Christian the state governor;

1. To protect their Religious Beliefs: Voting in a Christian as a governor in a Christian dominated states will ensure that there is peace and respect for Christians in the states since the governor share the same religious belief with the people. Also, the governor will not incorporate rules or policies that will affect the lives or economic interest of Christians in the state negatively.

2. To benefit from Christian pilgrimages: another benefit that Christians will enjoy by voting a Christian as a governor is that there are higher chances of the governor sponsoring few of the citizens for pilgrimage in the holy land Jerusalem during tenure; for example during Peter Obi tenure as the governor of Anambra state, he sponsored over 200 Anambrarians to Jerusalem for Christian pilgrim.

3. To make laws that promote Christian Virtues: A Christian governor will portray Christian virtues like justice, honesty, fairness and truth which is a trait that is needed for good leadership.

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