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Posted by on Thursday January 5, 2012 15:2:4:

Although I'm a Nigerian living in Africa, I do take some interest in what is happening in the U.S.A, a country which Americans call "God's own country" and there is a good reason why they do so - America was built by people who had a strong faith in God and valued morals and are optimistic.

Republican voting has began as the conservatives are already running to replace Obama by the next presidential election. One term is what a lot of the opposition wants for the incumbent and the first round of voting was just concluded in Iowa.

Iowa gave the lead to second time aspirant and businessman Mitt Romney although it was after a close struggle with votes for Santorium which occasionally put the latter in the lead as it flowed in. Romney won by about 5 points to beat Santorium.

Now these two candidates seem to have a lot of delegates supporting them and it seems almost equal but what I love about the two of them is the diversity and the fact that people were allowed to choose.
Romney cuts a profile as a businessman and on the religious side, he is a Mormon and it seems some big sponsors are behind him. Santoriumm's profile on the other hand is that of morality. To Santorium, things like abortion, gay marriage and some other biblically labelled vices shouldn't be supported by US laws and that is probably why a lot of church people who have a large percentage of votes in the USA also identify with him.

What really happened in Iowa
Romney spend more money than Santorium but the figures were almost the same as it shows how much people were willing to work with Santorium, with or without the money. Romney was not as strong as expected and seemed to have gained more lead after a former leading candidate Gingrich was brought down by negative advertising assumed to have being sponsored by Romney's camp.

Without the Money:
Santorium would have defeated Romney easily.

Without the Moral cause:
Santorium would have been floored easily by Romney

My suggestions
Santorium should keep doing what he is already doing and he also needs a lot of votes from other groups which are not just evangelicals. He should speak also a bit about the economy and his plans to solve America's debt, help businesses and create jobs.

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