What Biafra Means To Igbo People


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Posted by Akanakem on Wednesday August 17, 2016 at 17:10:51:

One of the things that led to Nigerian civil war was that the Igbo wanted a succession out of Nigeria. They wanted their own personal country known as the Republic of Biafra. To the average Igbo person, achieving this dream of Biafra will be an ultimate achievement to the whole Igbo race because of the following reasons:

a. First Class Citizens: Igbos feel that they are treated as second class citizens in Nigeria. They are hindered from taking sensitive political positions in the country. Thus, achieving Biafra will give the Igbos a country to call theirs, wherein they will assume the position of first class citizens.

b. Igbo President: Ever since Nnamdi Azikiwe (an Igbo) handed over as the first president of Nigeria, no other Igbo person has risen to assume that position of a president again. Thus, Biafra will help the Igbos achieve their dream of having an Igbo president.

c. A Christian Nation: Igbos are predominantly Christians, while few follow the traditional religion. It is rare to find an Igbo person who is not a Christian or a traditionalist. Thus, achieving Biafra will mean having a Christian nation for the Igbos, free of religious violence. A country with one religious belief will likely develop faster there will be no religious adversities.

d. Freedom from Oppressive Laws: Most Igbos feel that they are subjected to oppressive laws which do not favour their interests in Nigeria. Thus, achieving Biafra will mean freedom from every oppressive law for everybody from the Igbo race.

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