6 Reasons Why Nigerian Women Bleach Their Skin


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Posted by Akanakem on Monday August 15, 2016 at 16:23:50:

Nigerian women are naturally endowed with dark skin as a result of the pigment found under their skin. For a long time, there has been this growing thinking among Africans that ‘White is Beautiful’ as most Nigerian women who have been westernized through the media now bleach their skin.

Why do Nigerian women bleach their skin? Some of the reason they give for bleaching their skin are:

i. To Make Their Completion Lighter: Bleaching makes the skin look lighter and more glossy. Since light complexion became the new trend, most Nigerian women are bleaching in order following the trend of women of light skin complexion.

ii. To Look Different: Changing from a dark complexion to light complexion makes Nigerian women look different, and most of them prefer it because according to them the light complexion makes them look more refined and different from the millions of other dark skinned Nigerian women.

iii. To Look Clean: Dark is now synonymous to dirt in the present day Nigerian fashion trend. Thus most women how bleach their skin in order to look clean and packaged.

iv. To Look Expensive: Some bleaching and body maintenance creams are very expensive, and it is assumed that any fair skinned Nigerian lady is a high class babe because it takes a lot of money to maintain such a skin.

v. To Look Younger: Most Nigerian women believe that spotting a fair complexion makes them look fresh and younger; that is why they go all the way to change their natural complexion to a lighter shed.

vi. To Improve Self-Esteem: Most Nigerian women bleach their skins to feel better about themselves and improve their self-esteem.

You don't need to bleach your skin if you have dark skin as you can still look lovely and dark.

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