What killed Muna Obiekwe


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Posted by Chidinma on Tuesday March 3, 2015 at 10:28:17:

Sometime in January this year, we heard of the sudden death of the popular Nollywood Star Muna Obiekwe; though someone went on twitter to deny the noise as rumour, but it was later confirmed to be truth.

Although the Star has been led to rest at his home at Umudioka in Anambra States; I am going to discuss what really caused the sudden death of this well known Star.

It was confirmed that Muna Obiekwe died of kidney failure at the early age of 35; it was believed that the Star had been battling with kidney problem for sometime, and the cost of going for dialysis was N50, 000 which he was unable to afford. Also being that He was a quiet person who keeps his personal issues confidential, he didn’t reach out to his colleagues in the industry for financial help.

It is sad that it happened this way, and this article is not to apportion blames on anybody, but Muna Obiekwe’s death would have been averted if;

1. There was a good insurance system where people can pay monthly or in advance for health insurance and in a situation where the person becomes sick; the health insurance company can take care of the person’s medical bills. This is how it is usually done in other developed countries.

2. Secondly, that Muna was a private person does not mean that his very close friends in the industry were ignorant of his ailment; kidney disease is not a thing someone can easily hide, those friends and colleague who knew would have reached out for help on Muna’s behalf; at least a life would have been saved.

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