131 Years old Nigerian woman (Madam Clara Onisiwo Abeje)


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Madam Clara Onisiwo Abeje was born in the early 19th century. She is said to be around 131 years old, and recently celebrated her birthday and she was interviewed about some facts of her life.

This article will mention some of the things Madam Clara mentioned about her life, her upbringing and married life.

Madam Clara was born somewhere in Port Harcourt, she is a Christian by religion in fact, she said that is was her Grandmother that brought Anglican church to her village, and she was baptism in Anglican church.

As a teenager, Madam Clara was accused to be an abiku, which are popular known as ogbanje in Yoruba land. Abikus are children who were expected to die young; Madam Clara was called an abiku because of the fact that she falls sick regularly and she had fainting spells. Talking about her secret for long life, Mama said it was God that kept her alive this long, and she avoids hot drinks because it affects her system.

Madam said that she witnessed the Hitler war and hey were told in those days not on the light to avoid attention, she also witnessed the Nigerian civil war fought not so long ago. Madam Clara also witnessed the amalgamation of Nigeria and claims that it was Awolowo that amalgamated Nigeria. She met her husband after he had a fight with her elder brother over a coconut. Madam Clara said that she has traveled to various Cities in Nigeria such as Enugu, Uyo, Okirika, Borno and Imo where she raised her children. She speaks Igbo and Yoruba.

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