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Posted by on Monday July 14, 2014 at 9:35:41:

Cost Per Click (APC) affiliate program is a easy way a web site owner an earn passive income, CPC affiliate companies pays Publishers, that is website owners to place banners on their site and pay them whenever a visitor clicks on the banners. I will review the Clicksor affiliate program in this article, how the program work s and how to withdraw your earnings.

Clicksor is one of the top affiliate programs and they use the Cost Per Action (CPA) system where a visitor that clicks through your banner must order for a Clicksor service, before the Publisher can get paid. They also have another method for making money, where you can refer either an advertiser or a Publisher to the site and you get paid 10% of the personís earnings. To join the Clicksor affiliate program, just visit and signup as a Publisher. You account will be reviewed and a Code will be sent you which you will paste on your site and Clicksor banners appears automatically

Some Of The Features that Make Clicksor Affiliate Program Unique From Other CPA Affiliate Program are:

- Bi Weekly Payment: Other similar affiliate Programs pay 30 days following the end of month, but Clicksor pays her Publishers every 15 days.

- Low Minimum Payout: Clicksor has a low minimum payout of $50 and pays with both Paypal and Checks.

- Great Customer Support: Unlike other similar programs, Clicksor has an excellent Customer support service, and you can always reach them either on phone or via live chat.

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