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Do you know anything about blogs? Do you know that a lot of Nigerian blogs are actually money making machines? When it comes to profitable and flourishing internet businesses in Nigeria, blogs seem to be number one and there are a whole lot of ways once can make money from them.

Blogs are just website that are designed in such a way that they have periodically changing content known as blog posts. They get a lot of traffic from search engines and are a potential tool for web publishing in this internet age.

How do they make money? How do Nigerian bloggers make money with their blogs?

How Nigerian blogs make money
- Pay per click ads: These are online adverts that are displayed on blogs that reward the publisher based on clicks. Each time such ads are clicked, they earn some commission to the blog owner and this can be as low as $0.10 and as high as $1.

- Cost per impression ads:
These are also ads that reward the publisher of such blog based on the amount of ad impressions it makes. The more traffic a blog has,, the more impression it makes and the more money that blog generates. An impression is simply the number of time an ad is displayed on a site and the commission is normally based on a thousand impressions.

- Affiliate programs:
A couple of Nigerian blogs also make some money from affiliate programs linked to their blogs. Blogs that do well in this area are niche blogs that are related to such affiliate programs. For instance, if your blog is more about health issues, it will do well promoting health related affiliate programs like weight loss, pimple cures and so on.

- E-book sales
This is another popular form by which Nigerian bloggers make money with their blogs. They simply sell ebooks which are mostly self help ebooks that can help their audience achieve something. Ebooks are mostly informational resources that have been converted into readable pdfs that are delivered to buyers via email or downloads. The popular method for accepting payments for ebooks is by direct bank deposits although some bloggers also sell their ebooks via credit cards, alertpay and liberty reserve.

- Reviews:
Paid reviews are also a growing way by which Nigerian blogs make money. All they do is accept orders for reviews of products or services and they help drive traffic to the advertiser or buyer who purchased the review.

- Direct ad sales:
Some top Nigerian blogs use this medium to also generate some income from their blogs. This would involve a bit of marketing and reaching out to corporate brands that want to promote their services on the internet. With popular blogs, this becomes a good money maker as advertisers can directly purchase ads from you without a third party.

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