How Nigerians wash their clothes


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Posted by Akanakem on Wednesday August 17, 2016 at 17:43:9:

Cleanliness they say is next to godliness. Personal hygiene is an integral part of cleanliness. Most average Nigerians cannot afford to use the services of a paid laundry outlet, thus, they personally handle their laundry. The laundry can be done with a washing machine for those who can afford a machine and with bare hands for those who cannot afford to buy a washing machine.

The process Nigerians follow to wash their clothes is basically the same;

- First, they sort out the dirty clothes. Most people prefer to wash their white clothes differently from the coloured clothes to avoid stains. Thus, the first thing they do when they want to wash clothes is to separate the whites from colour clothes.

- Secondly, they soak the clothes in a bucket of detergent water for a while. This is to allow the water and detergent to penetrate and soften dirt and hard stains on the fabric. The amount of time they soak their clothes depends on the type of stain on the clothes. Remember that some coloured materials are not to be washed with detergent. You only need salt water and bar soap to wash them.

- The next step is to hand-wash the clothes. For shirts, they give special attention to the armpit area, the collar, the pocket area, after which they generally wash other parts.

- After washing the cloth, they rinse in another bucket of clean water to remove the soap and lather.

- The final step is to spread it outside for the clothes to dry under the sun.

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