Reasons why many Nigerians are unmarried


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Posted by Akanakem on Wednesday August 17, 2016 at 17:41:59:

Marriage is part of the traditional cultures practiced in Nigeria. When a man is of age, he is expected to find a wife and start a family of his own. In recent times, you notice that a lot of Nigerians remain unmarried even when they are up to age. The question now is, why are many Nigerian unmarried even when they are up to age?

Personally, I think that the reason for the high rate of unmarried bachelors and spinsters in Nigeria are;

- Economic Reasons: The economic situation in the country currently is very tough. A lot of persons are barely surviving because of the present hardship. Coupled with that, is the high rate of unemployment and underemployment in the country, while those that are fully employed are losing their jobs every day. Marriage requires a level of economic stability and comfort. So a man who is not economically stable will not think of getting married in the nearest future. So economic hardship has a role to play here.

- Religious Factors: Some religious denominations make it an integral part of their doctrine that a man or lady must get married to another member. Thus, in the process of finding a suitable spouse within the denomination, the spinsters and bachelors remain unmarried.

- Compatibility: Compatibility here has to do with the personality and character of your spouse. Most persons when asked why they are still unmarried claim that they are yet to find a compatible spouse and partner for marriage.

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