Why kidnapping is a growing problem in Nigeria


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Posted by Chidinma on Monday January 19, 2015 at 15:50:25:

Kidnapping has to do with taking someone against the personís will and demanding a ransom from the victimís family as condition for release; kidnapping is a grievous crime in Nigeria and attracted a capital punishment which is death, in most states in the country. Despite the punishment that is attached to the crime of kidnapping, it seems that the crime is growing in Nigeria as we hear and read about many kidnap cases daily in various locations in Nigeria; the main question is now, why is kidnapping growing in Nigeria despite the grave punishment attached to this crime, it still looks as if the crime is thriving daily? The following reasons can be attributed to the reason why kidnapping business is still thriving in Nigeria;

1. High Rate Of Unemployment: there are millions of able bodied youth who are graduates and willing to work, but there is no employment opportunities for them; so most of them may other of frustration or peer pressure give in to kidnapping as a means of survival; though this is not an acceptable reason why anybody should indulge in such crime.

2. Weak Security Measures In The Country: one reason why kidnapping cannot thrive in developed countries is because of the high security measures they put in place; there is surveillance cameras hidden in all nooks and crannies, so every move you make is caught on camera; but in Nigeria, there are no such security measures and even the police force that is meant to protect the lives of citizen are lapse in performing their duties; for this reason kidnapping will always thrive in Nigeria.

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