When Should a Nigerian Guy Get Married?


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Posted by James on Monday December 22, 2014 at 17:46:4:

When it comes to getting married, there are several factors that determine its timing of a guy getting into marriage. This timing is usually according to the individual involved. While some men prefer to get into the league on time, others will want the opposite - that is, marrying at a later age. However, according to the Nigerian culture, there are certain criteria that must be met before a guy is considered ready for marriage. This readiness can be viewed in so many ways which is what this article tends to discuss.

Signs That a Nigerian Guy is ready for Marriage
There are responsibilities that come with becoming married especially for the guy; this is why he cannot afford to go into it without first of all preparing adequately for it. In a Nigerian marriage setting, the bread winner of the home is usually the guy and as such he needs to have a stable source of income like a job or something. A lot of men want to attain a certain level of achievement before thinking of settling down. For those that are industrious or entrepreneurial, they will want to get established in their businesses. For others, it could be getting a house, a job and other necessities of life.

Apart from being financially ready, an important criterion is maturity. This kind of maturity is not necessarily talking about age, but in the attitude. You will agree with m that there are so many young people who usually behave in a more matured than even n older. This is to say that age is not a perfect way of judging who is matured or not. Since marriage is one institution that involves being able to live for the rest of your life with a seemingly different character, skills like tolerance, patience and communication must be learnt.

Men are never considered too old for marriage, unlike our women. However, any man that has began to approach the age of about 30 plus should seriously start thinking of getting himself a wife. At this age, a Nigerian guy is supposed to have attained a considerable level of achievement and maturity (all things being equal). He should not wait until he has all the comfort he desires as long as meets other criteria like maturity and age. Yes, comfort is good, but should not be the bases of getting married. He can get married and hop forward for the attainment of his dreams. Who knows, the union might bring in good luck. After all even the bible says that “he who finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favor”.

If possible and not necessarily, he should have an educational qualification - at least his first degree. Some men will want to attain a certain level of education and then after that, the time it will now take for him to be established in the labor market. He then gets a job and begins to prepare and save for the marriage rights.

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