Why getting married makes life more meaningful


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Posted by Chidinma on Wednesday October 22, 2014 at 10:42:29:

Getting married is taken as one of the biggest event in a personís life. Right from the beginning, a man and a woman are meant to leave their parents house to live as husband and wife. The marriage institution is as old as man; though some people will still tell you that they prefer the single life become of the less stress that comes with it, getting married makes life easier than you can ever imagine.

Why getting married is makes life more meaningful:

- Companionship: getting married gives you a permanent companion for life; that is someone to stay with you through thick and thin, someone to talk to, support you, go places with and share the happy moments with because no matter how tough you may look on the outside, you get lonely when you donít have that special person to share the good and bad moments of your life with; also a good companion motivates you to achieve more in life, increases your happiness.

- Sexual satisfaction: Though single persons still have sex, married couples have better sex with their spouse with absence of feeling of guilt, while having better sexual fulfillment; also married couples that are faithful to their marriage vows have minor chances of contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD)

- Posterity: getting married gives you the legal and secured environment to start having children; and children especially in Africa are seen as posterity, that is someone to replace you in your absence.

- Respect: Married people are more respected by the society than single people. This is because most people who are married are seen as responsible people

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