Why single life is cheaper than married life


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Posted by Chidinma on Wednesday October 22, 2014 at 10:40:4:

Though a lot of people may not agree with me, single life is more simple and cheaper than married life; and with the rate at which people divorce these days, most people may agree that married life is not as fancy as they make it look on the wedding day as most times it does not even worth the stress.

Why I think that single life is cheaper and better than married life;

- No partner to spend on: when you are married, you have to take care of your personal needs and that of your spouse; you have to make provision for his or her accommodation and extra comfort in the home and it all these involves day to day spending; but when you are single, you have to think of just your own personal upkeep and well being, and you then to save more when you are single.

- No extra spending on children: children come along at some point in the marriage and they have to be well taken care of, fed, clothed and trained in school.

- No Emotional baggage: apart from the financial spending for the upkeep of your spouse and children, there are the emotional stress that comes with married life; since marriage is about two people from different background and upbringing coming together to start a family, there will always be some misunderstanding which takes compromise from one or both of couple to handle, and if not properly handled can lead to emotional stress. This is not so with single life as you donít have to make any form of compromise or cope with emotional stress.

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