Why Nigerian men are remaining single


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Posted by on Monday July 14, 2014 at 9:45:19:

In this 21st century, there is a growing number of Nigerian men who are choosing to remain single rather than getting married. For some of them, their choice is as a result of financial pressures while for others, it's more about convenience.

When you look around in our country today, you find out that are a lot of single men and yet, only few of them are taking the bold step to getting married and settling down. This is a mildly alarming situation, because our men who are up to marriageable age and should be making plans to settle down are remaining single, and doing nothing about the situation because to them, a man does not have a biological clock.

Why they are remaining single:

- Financial issues: Some men are willing and ready to settle down, but due to their financial incapacity, they may decide to postpone it to a later time, because getting married in that kind of financial situation will be a very big problem to the man, his wife and future children.

- Scared Of Being Tied Down: Some men view marriage as a sort of bondage that will tie them down to the same woman for the rest of their lives. They prefer to remain single and free while they still do so and get away with it.

- Loves the bachelor life: Some men are also preferring to staying single and living like bachelors since this is gradually becoming acceptable in the society. Some of them might eventually have children and have many women in their lives but might still chose not to get married to any of them till a later date just to avoid the many problems married people have to live with like bills, nagging wife, single sex partner, child education and so on.

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