Why spilling of animal blood is common in Nigeria


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One way Nigeria as a country shows her uniqueness is in her culture. Her culture is shaped by the numerous ethnic groups that dwell within her. Despite the civilization, certain practices in Nigeria remain unchanged, one of which is the spilling of animal blood - where an animal is slaughtered and its blood drizzled over an altar as a form of sacrifice. This is so common and has been in practice for many centuries now, and still is.

In this part of the world, blood is highly symbolic - and it depends on the group and ritual being performed. It is not considered the same way as other fluids - like the saying goes that "blood is thicker than water". The blood, whether of humans or animals is considered sacred and a form of sacrifice.

In most cultures and groups, practices involving blood spilling is usually done to appease deities and maintain favour with them. Depending on the group, choice of animals to be used differ. In Nigeria, especially at earlier times, every family was known to have its own deity where they consult for power and favour. In most cases, it requires the sprinkling of blood for this consultation.

For some, when they misadventure goes contrary to the instructions of their deity, it will require also the sprinkling of blood (This things are still being practiced in Nigeria till today.)

Apart from the traditional or cultural need to spill animal blood as a form of sacrifice, Nigerian also routinely spill animal blood for food or to mark a great occasion. At weddings or burials, animal blood is normally spilled to show the magnitude of the event and to give honour to the gods or God. There is hardly any remarkable event or feast that won't involve the spilling of animal blood in makeshift abattoirs at homes or event spots.

In Nigeria, there is little or no regulation as to where animal blood may be spilled and people are normally free or so it seems to spill blood of animals even at home unlike the case on some foreign countries where such is normally regulated. People find it easy to kill chickens, goats and cows even at home even without it being a sacrificial offering to the gods or a form of fetish practice. People are allowed to buy live animals and take them home for killing.

The spilling of animal blood in Nigeria is common because of old traditional practices and prevailing culture of the people.

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