What Nigerian women do when looking for the fruit of the womb


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Posted by Chidinma on Wednesday May 6, 2015 at 10:23:17:

One of the main reason people get married is to give birth to children that will help continue the family lineage. After a woman gets married here in Nigeria, she is expected to start giving birth to children even from the very first year of the marriage, which, if she fails to do, makes her appear unfruitful, a negative force or a curse to the man. Nigerian women go to very extreme lengths just to get the fruit of the womb because a barren woman is taken as incomplete. What does a women do when she does't have children yet?

Well, some of the things Nigerian women do when looking for the fruit of the womb includes the following;

1. Seeking the help of Medical experts: This option is mostly used by the more enlightened and educated women who are seeking for fruit of the womb. They would normally consult a gynaecologist or fertility expert for proper evaluation of their body to find the cause of their inability to produce offspring and to commence treatment when necessary. IVF treatments are an option but are a bit expensive in Nigeria but more women are using this method and some have been successful.

2. Seeking Spiritual solution: Nigeria is a very religious country as most natural occurrences are given a spiritual interpretation. Most Nigerian women that are seeking for the fruit of the womb at times prefer to use spiritual intervention as an option. They patronize different churches, mosques and spiritualists to help them seek spiritual intervention for the fruit of the womb; that includes series of prayers, fasting, meditation and other spiritual activities and surprisingly. Some women have actually received children through this method and so have become strong adherents of the faith.

3. Extra-marital sex: Some Nigerian women also commit adultery by having sex with men other than her husband just to have children. Some may even do it with the consent of their husband and this is mostly common in cases where the man is infertile and can't have children. In either case, it is mostly condemned at by religious leaders as adultery and draws the wrath of God.

4. Adoption: Nigerian women nowadays are also more open to the idea of adopting children while they wait to have their own chidlren but the Nigerian legal system is not making it easy. Nowadays, to adopt a child, childless couples in Nigeria may have to provide a lot of documentation and also spend about N200,000(about$1000) to N500,000(about$2500) just to take a child from the orphanage and that's why many are now patronizing baby factories where children are sold for money.

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