Why birthday celebrations are important


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Posted by Chidinma on Wednesday April 1, 2015 at 11:55:1:

Birthday is that day in a year when we commensurate the day we were born into this world; it is a special day that calls for celebration. In Nigeria, birthdays are the second most celebrated none religious event apart from weddings. There is actually need to celebration birthdays even if it means doing so on a small scale with just loved ones; some people actually neglect their birthdays and treat it as every other day, in this article, I will point out reasons why birthday celebrations are very important:

1. Time for Sober Reflection and Thanksgiving: birthday celebration gives you time to have a sober reflection of your journey and achievements in this world so far and also to thank God for his mercies and kindness, and gift of good health and life. It is also a time to set new goals, drop bad habits and work towards becoming a better person.

2. Share Happy Moments with Loved Ones: birthday celebration provides opportunity to share happy moments with your loved ones; and being surrounded by people you love shows how much they care for you and gives you a sense of security.

3. Time to have Fun: many people forget to have fun once in a while, they are so serious about day to day life issues, forgetting that having fun will help them wind down, reduce stress and think more clearly; birthday celebrations provides a perfect opportunity to have fun and reduce stress at least just that once a year.

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