Why Nigerian women grow fatter than men


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Posted by Chidinma on Wednesday April 1, 2015 at 11:54:25:

In Nigeria, the population of fat women are much greater than that of men; am not implying that there are no over weight or fat men here in Nigeria, just that when compared to that of women, fat men are fewer in number. Some of the reasons why Nigerian women are fatter than Nigerian men are;

1. Less Physical Activity: Nigerian men engage in more physical activities than women; it my be due to the nature of their jobs because most of them are engaged in jobs that require physical strength to carry out or sports activities like football which they engage in; Nigerian women on the other hand engage in much lesser physical activity; its only on rare occasions will you visit a football field here in Nigeria and see and all female team playing a match; likewise other sports. Also, the nature of jobs most women do here in Nigeria does not require much physical movement.

2. Bad Eating Habits: when you engage in little or no physical activity and also have a bad eating habit, you are bound to get fat very fast; Nigerian women or rather ladies are known for their junk eating habit. Imagine taking a lady out for a date; she will order for Fresh fish pepper soup, Sharwama, Suya, Ice Cream and still eat rice all at once; it is inevitable for such a person to add up weight.

3. Pregnancy fat: Getting pregnant is another reason Nigerian woman are fatter than men because during the pregnancy stage, the body expands and after child birth, post pregnancy fats are retained in the body which can only be removed through strenuous exercise and strict dieting which most Nigerian women are so lazy to engage in.

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