Why some Nigerian women cannot get pregnant


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Posted by Chidinma on Wednesday April 1, 2015 at 11:51:59:

It is a norm here in Nigeria that after getting married, women are expected to start giving birth to children to complete the family; some women are unable to fulfill this obligation to child bearing because they are unable to get pregnant.

Letís look at some of the reasons or factors whey some Nigerian women canít get pregnant;

1. Frequent Abortion: abortion is the number on reason why some Nigerian women canít get pregnant; some of these women led very promiscuous lives when they were younger which include undergoing series of abortion to avoid the stigma associated with being a single mother, and abortion not only removes the baby, it also damages the uterus or womb especially if it is done by a quack. When the womb is damaged, it will take a miracle for the woman to get pregnant.

2. Fibroid: This is another reason why some Nigerian women canít get pregnant; fibroid occurs when there is a tumour growth in the uterus, and once that happens, it is not possible for the woman to get pregnant until the tumour is removed, which may require the woman to undergo operation.

3. Infertility on the Part of the Man: most times, it is over looked that the reason why a woman cannot get pregnant may be because the man has an infertility issue or a low sperm count. When the manís sperm cannot fertilize the womanís eggs then she cannot get pregnant; if the issue is low sperm count, then the man can undergo treatment to boost sperm count.

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