Why Nigerians are dying early


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Posted by Chidinma on Tuesday March 3, 2015 at 10:24:6:

The rate at which young are dying in Nigeria is very alarming and calls for concern. Almost everyday you read news reports, you hear about death cases of youths that are being cut off in their prime and some of the reasons are as a result of issues that could be prevented. The sad thing is that nobody seems to be concerned with this situation, and even if they are, nothing much is being done about the situation.

I will mention some reasons Nigerians are dying in their prime.

1. Reckless Life Style: a lot of death cases we hear about are caused by the reckless life style of the deceased. Take this scene as an example Nigerian youths, men to be precise make excessive drinking an everyday habit. Imagine the effect drinking over 5 bottles of beers will have on the personís kidney, which is the reason cases of kidney failure are on the increase these days; and this is not just applicable to just drinking, it includes smoking and other unhealthy habits.

2. Lack Of Good Health Care Facilities: most death cases registered in Nigeria would have been avoided if the health care system in the country is standard and up to date.

Hospitals and clinics donít have the required facilities needed to take care of emergency cases, and to make matters worst, our doctors are always on strike, leaving their patients with no other option than to resort to using private hospitals which charge exorbitant prices. Am sure that if our health system is put in place, and equipped with the required facilities, a lot death cases would be averted.

3. Illegal Importation of arms and ammunition: Many borders across Nigeria are porous and this leads to a lot of smuggling of illegal arms and ammunitions all of which are used by violent criminals to kill innocent people who are mostly the young ones.

4. Doing little or no exercise: 21st century Nigerians tend to stay indoors than outdoors and they tend to do less physical activities than their parents did when they were in their prime. As a result of their sedentary lifestyle, they tend not too live long or have good health but rather die early as a result of preventable diseases which could have been warded off if they exercised a bit more.

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