5 Things people consider as an achievement


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One of the yardsticks used in measuring success is achievements, when a person is said to be successful, it means that the person has achieved a lot of things. In life, everybody want to be successful, and to be successful you need to achieve life goals.

- Education: People consider high quality education as an achievement. It can be a university degree, a Masters degree, a PhD (doctor of Philosophy).

- Money: To a whole lot of people, money is the number one thing that is considered an achievement. Anybody who has got money is seen to have achieved something. That is a true fact because anybody who has achieved financial independence can reach other achievements with little stress, because it is said that money answers all things.

- Wealth: Wealth in this context is different from money. Money is all physical cash a person has to his name, while wealth includes; assets, properties, companies an individual has. Wealth is also considered a top achievement in our society today.

- Marriage: Everybody has an innate desire to be loved, to feel valued by someone especially of the opposite sex; this is why people enter into relationships in the first place and it leads to marriage later on. A successful marriage is considered an achievement.

- Employment: Getting a job or being employed is another thing considered as an achievement today. It can be political status like a Senator, a religious status as a Bishop or an academic status like a Professor. Self employment and employees also see their status as an achievement.

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