What to do when armed robbers are robbing your neighbour


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In a situation where you find out that your neighbour is being robbed, you need to take some smart safety decisions, because if you panic and make a wrong decision, you can get hurt with the people around you at that moment. This article will take you through the next course of action to take if you find out that your neighbour is being attacked by armed robbers.

The first thing you need to do is check your doors, windows and burglary proof to make sure they are tightly closed. Secure any channel that you think the armed robbers might use to force their way into your own house.

- Alert the Police: The next thing you need to do is to call the Police and report that an attack is going on in your vicinity at that moment. Give them your location and your address or your neighbour’s address. If your neighbourhood have local security agents that guard the area, you can also notify them of the ongoing attack in your neighbour’s house.

- Alert your other Neighbours: You can quietly place a phone call to your other neighbours to alert them of the attack.

- Protect your home: Ensure you've locked your security doors and gates and turn off the lights so as to protect yourself.

Finally, it is advised that everybody with you in the house should lie down flat on the ground for the duration of the attack. This is to avoid stray bullets from penetrating the walls and hitting somebody in the house. There have been instances where stray bullet penetrated a building and injure an occupant during an attack in another building

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