Importance of birthday celebrations


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Your date of birth is the day you were given birth to, and as the years go on, you celebrate your birthday to mark this special day.

To some people, their birthday is just a day to get drunk, party and make merry with friends while others donít even remember to celebrate their birthdays because of their religious views or some personal reasons.

Why it is important to celebrate your birthday;

- Gratitude: Celebrating your birthday shows that you are grateful to your Maker who gave you the privilege to be born into this world, and has led you thus so far with your endeavour. Your birthday really calls for special thanksgiving because most of the people that were given birth to on that same day have died, some are suffering from one terminal disease or the other.

- Review: The second importance of celebrating your birthday is because it gives you the opportunity to take account of your life, your ups, down, successes, failures, areas you need corrections.

- Planning for the future: Your birthday also allows you to take life more seriously and set new goals for yourself. You can use that date to plan for the future. Having taken full account of your life so far, you can use that day to set new goals, work on setting aright those areas youíre getting it wrong in your life and get more determined to succeed.

Though some people prefer making their resolutions and setting new goals in the beginning of a new year, it is much better if it is done on your birthday.

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