What Nigerians do during their leisure


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Leisure also known as free time is a time when a Person is free from work or other commitments. Nigerians engage in many after work activities in their leisure to relax from work pressures especially on weekends. Letís look at some popular activities that Nigerians engage in as leisure.

- Reading books: Some Nigerians have the habit of spending their time reading books such as novels, storybooks and others. It is mostly common among women who are educated and want to keep reading.

- Watching Football Matches: Since European football leagues became popular in Nigeria, watching of matches has turned to a very popular leisure activity for Nigerians, especially since most of the major leagues are played on Wednesdays and Fridays till Sundays, and are always played in the evenings or at nights. Most People are fans of one football club or the other, so watching of football matches, especially their favourite teams can be rightly said to be the top activity Nigerians enjoy in their leisure time.

- Hanging Out with Friends to Drink: This is another popular leisure in Nigeria. With the number of drinking bars scattered around different locations in the Country, People visit these bars with their friends to drink and chat about happenings at work. This is more popular amongst Nigerian men.

- Visiting Cinemas to Watch Movies: There many popular Cinemas houses in the Country, such Silverbird, Genesis and many others. Visiting the Cinema to watch movies with friends has turned to another Leisure activity for Nigerians. They visit the Cinemas especially during the weekends to watch newly realized movies. This is form of activity is more popular among Ladies, because it gives them the opportunity to hangout and make new friends.

- Browsing the internet: Now, more and more Nigerians are going online. The internet has a growing number of Nigerians using it during their leisure thanks to Internet cafe operators, GSM data plans, ISPs and so on.

- Playing football: This is common on public holidays or after school and work. As a football loving nation, many Nigerians already know how to play soccer right from childhood and even still play it occasionally as adults.

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