Tips to avoid getting kidnapped


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Posted by on Monday March 24, 2014 at 16:52:19:

Kidnapping is one of the major social problems which have plagued our Country and it can be a humiliating experience for the victim who mostly ends up alive but traumatized after the experience.

Kidnapping has to do with taking a Person hostage and demanding for a ransom from the Personís loved ones before they can release the Person. This is a gruesome experience for anybody that have been a Victim of kidnap.

- Tell your family of your whereabouts: When ever you are going out of your house, let People know where you are going to, who you are going there with, who you are going to meet, and the time they should expect you back.

- Avoid staying in an isolated environment: Especially in the evening or late at night. Staying in an isolated area makes you an easy target for kidnappers. Make sure there are People around, or preferably, stay with a group of People.

- Don't be predictable: Avoid frequently following the same route or going to the same places where you are used to going. This is because kidnappers tend to monitor people for a while before doing the kidnap. People are rarely kidnapped randomly but mostly targeted.

- Lock the doors: When you are at home, especially if you are home alone lock up all security doors, and gateways. Install a peephole in your front door that will enable you check any Visitor before you open the door for the Person, and if you do not recognize a Visitor, it is in your best interest not to open the door for the person.

- Learn security driving: When they see that they canít penetrate your home or office, kidnappers will wait for their victim on the road, it is advisable to take a security driving lesson, it will prepared you to know what to do if such a situation arises.

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