The Benefits of obeying your Parents


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Posted by on Monday March 24, 2014 at 16:45:26:

In the society we live in, it has turned to a normal issue for young people to disobey their Parents and disregard advises from elderly ones in the name of Freedom and civilization.

Your Parents are the people that brought you into this world, and for that reason, there is need for you to obey your Parents in all things, and it also comes with its benefits.

- Long life: The first benefit that comes with Obedience to your Parents is Long life. As Christians, the Bible enjoined children to obey their Parents "So that their days may be long on earth". In a way, it can also be scientifically proven to be true because if you are not on good terms with them, they are less likely to teach you things they know and that ultimately makes life harder for you and ends up reducing your life span.

- You get good advise: Since your Parents love you and care for you they can hardly give you any advice that will bring you harm or hurt you. They are there to guide you in making the right choices in life.

- Learning from experience: Your Parents are more experienced since they came into this world before you, and have experienced some things which you are yet to experience, and in order you keep you from making the same mistakes they made, they try to correct you and most times without telling you the consequence. In essence, complete obedience to your Parent will help you avoid some grave mistakes.

- Obeying your Parents makes them happy and reduces the rate they think and worry about your well being, and it in turn, it reduces their stress level and keeps them healthy and alive for you. You could even

- They can help raise your kids: Since people tend to be busy during their baby making lives, one of the good things parents can do for free for them is helping them raising their kids. Your kids can learn good morals and get knowledge from your parents since you are not mostly around.

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