Things that childless wives do to have children


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Immediately after marriage, it is expected that couples start giving birth to children. If after sometime, the couples are yet to reproduce; it brings about worry especially to the wife, as everybody will start putting pressure on her to give birth to children especially her husbandís mother, which is her mother-in-law. A situation like this has led many women to engage in many desperate acts in the bid to get pregnant and have children. This article will mention few things that childless wives do in their desperation to have children.

Medical checkup: Some educated and enlighten wives talk to their husbands to go for medical checkups to know where the problem is from. If the problem is from the man, maybe as a result of low sperm count, they can through IVF boost his sperm count and insert the sperms through artificial insemination. If the fault is from the woman, they can fertilize the foetus outside her womb and inject it back inside her womb.

Spiritual cleansing: Some women believe their childlessness is spiritual and they need to get rid of their uncleanness or enmity with God before they can be blessed with the fruit of the womb. Some eventually get cleansed and do have children miraculously and they are thankful for it. Others don't and still keep trying.

Adultery: Other desperate wives go to the extent of sleeping with other men to get pregnant without letting the husband know, and the husband on his own assumes that he is the father of the child. There have been cases where after many years; it was found out that the father is not the biological father of his children.

Finally, others go through some fetish and ungodly means to get pregnant, visiting many false prophets and prayer houses to seek for children and they end of giving birth to demonized children.

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