Why Fat people die early


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Posted by on Saturday April 19, 2014 at 11:47:28:

The high rate of obesity and over-weight in the country today is alarming. Obesity is a life threatening disease which can lead to many health complications that can lead to death. Hundreds of thousands of people die every year from fat related health issue.

Some of major causes of excessive fats in the body or obesity are:-

• Bad feeding habits eating more of processed food, a lot of sugar intake, high alcoholic intake and less vegetables.

• Lack of exercise: A fat person needs to loose weight and keep fit. Staying lazy increases body fat and this can complicate the person’s health and can lead to death.

Some of the reasons why fat people die early:-

• Fat persons are more prone to heart related diseases such as cardiac arrest, heart failure high blood pressure, and these diseases that affect the heart are known to be fast killers.

• A fat person has the risk of becoming diabetic before he reaches his mid-life, and if not managed properly, can lead to the person’s death. Diabetes is a fat related disease caused by excessive intake of sugar and highly processed carbohydrates. They accumulate and break down insulin in the body which is responsible for regulating blood sugar.

• Finally, other life threatening problems such as cancer, arthritis are complications caused by obesity, and these health disease can cut down a person life at an early age is not treated on time.

Weight loss is important for the health of a human no matter how little a pound the person sheds, it will go along way in saving the persons life.

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