5 Things that can help you to de-stress


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Stress is a mental or emotional tension which arises from demanding circumstances around in our lives daily. Due to the fast life and all the crazy activities people encounter in their work place, school, home, relationship, you find out the people easily get stressed up; and if stress is not handled the properly way, it can escalate to other serious health issues like high blood pressure and depression.

Five things that can help you de-stress includes:

1. Exercise: Exercise have does not have to be intensive, just a little movement of the body. You can dance or skip. It has been proved that exercises releases endorphins into the blood stream, and endorphin helps you change your mood into a happy one.

2. Healthy eating lifestyle: The food you eat affects your stress level. People that eat mostly fatty foods and white sugar are more likely to be stressed them people who eat well balanced diet.

3. Stress Evaluation: It is important that you take a little time to be alone so you can evolve the situation and know the cause of the stress. If the stress is work induced, cut down on your work load and delegate some duties to other people, if it is caused by your present relationship, take break from the relationship and spend more time with family and friends.

4. Getting enough rest and sleep: One of the major causes of stress can be because of long term shortage of sleep and proper rest. Make sure you get to sleep for at least 6 hours daily.

5. Being cheerulf. Learn to Laugh if Off. Donít be too strict on your self anytime you find out that you made a mistake, laugh it off and learn from the mistake not beating up on yourself. Laughter also helps to release endorphins into the blood stream

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