10 Things you can do to live longer


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How long a person will live on earth is determined by the daily choices that person makes everyday. Some people can live long but have issues with their health. What I am talking about in this article is a long healthy life. 10 things you can do to live a long and healthy live are:

1. Improve Your diet: If you want to live long, you should begin by changing your diet. Reduce the intake of fats, carbohydrates, highly processed food and sugar. Increase your intake of protein, fruits and vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables.

2. Drink a lot of water daily: This helps to cleanse your body system, blood circulation and food digestion.

3. Avoid Alcohol: Alcoholic drinks contain chemicals which are not good for the body ad should be avoided.

4. Avoid smoking: smoking cigarette or staying in places where people smoke is not good for your lungs and your body generally.

5. Avoid Hard Drugs: These are drugs which are harmful to the body, and any drug that is not recommended by a trained doctor should not be taken. Drug addicts tend to make a person age faster than normal people.

6. Exercise: The importance of daily exercise and workouts cannot be over emphasized. Make it a duty to make out time to exercise daily or at least 3 times a week.

7. Lose weight: Being over weight has its health complications. If you are obese, lose some weight and be healthy. Check your Body Mass Index(BMI) to know how much weight you have to lose.

8. Meditate: A sound mind helps sustain the body and meditation can help you to recover that sanity after being stressed out. Meditation on the good things can help strengthen the mind and the will to live.

9. Stay active even in retirement: People have this mentality that when they are 60 or 65 years old, they are meant to retire from being active. In as much as you should not over stress yourself at that age but do not retire completely from active work.

9. Rest: Finally, sleep at least 6 hours daily and go for regular health check-ups. Try to have some rest when you are exhausted to allow your body and system rebuild itself to an optimal state.

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