Why some Nigerians live up to a 100 years


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Posted by on Saturday April 19, 2014 at 8:46:56:

There is a growing number of Nigerians who die as early as 50 years old but these mostly die as a result of heart diseases and organ failure. There are also those few who live even longer and up to a 100 years old.

Despite the somewhat hot weather condition and the not so good economic situation, you still find that Nigerians live a longer life than citizens of other countries. How come they are able to live that long while others do not?

Some of the reasons why Nigerians live up to 100 years includes

- They avoid fast food: They eat less highly processed food. Unlike in other countries where most of their foods are highly processed and canned, most Nigerians prefer eating food they cook themselves and not already cooked, processed and canned food. Canned and processed foods most a times contain preservatives which are harmful to the health.

- Eating Vegetables and fruits: Nigerians eat more of green leaf vegetables. One of the dishes Nigerians are known for is their soup. Each tribe has different types of soups they are known for and these soups are most times prepared with green leaf vegetables. The green leaf vegetable contains vitamins that help nourish the body, replace worn out tissues and is generally good for the health.

- Exercising: In as much as you wouldn’t see plenty Nigerian patronizing gym and fitness centers, the average Nigerian walk from 30 minutes to over 3 hours on daily basis. This can be due to traffic on the load or other minor reasons of which finances can be one of them. Walking stretches the muscles, makes the heart beat faster and increase blood circulation and improves general health. Besides they also engage in manual farming activities.

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