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Posted by on Saturday October 8, 2016 at 13:48:51:

If you are in Nigeria and use the internet, you should know that one of the things that shows other people where you are currently located at is your Internet Protocol address (IP address). It consists of a set of unique numbers that can be used to track your location on the world map.

I just checked my IP address by googling "What is my IP address" and many websites have confirmed that I'm located in Nigeria. However, there is a cool trick I normally use when I want to change my IP address to make it look as if I'm visiting from a different location other than where I'm currently really at. Yes, you can change our IP address even if you are in Nigeria.

I'm using a Windows operating system and using a VPN connection with an online membership account that can make it look as if I'm in the USA, China, UK or any other country that I want when I'm connected to the internet.

There are probably many reasons why people would want to change their IP address such as to be able to protect themselves or be able to access websites where they are restricted from accessing. In Nigeria for instance, you can't open an account with eBay or buy things from them. You can't even open a valid US based Paypal account or buy things from Walmart. With a Nigerian IP address, you can't even stream or download videos from Amazon Videos or watch movies on YouTube Red. However, if you have a US IP address like I do, you'd be able to visit all these sites and do many things because you have a system that can change your IP address.

How do you do it? Well, it's simple and here are steps you should follow if you want to change your IP address in Nigeria:

- Ensure you have a fast internet connection.
- Get a VPN membership account. Costs about
$2.5 per month
- Get your log in details
- Set up a VPN connection on your computer or device. You may also simply download their app
- Connect to the internet
- Connect to your VPN account and your IP address will be changed.

How do you know your IP address has been changed?
It's simple. Just google for what is my IP address before and after you've connected to your VPN account

How do I connect to my VPN account?
You will use a username and password to connect and once connected, your IP will have changed.

How do I setup a VPN connection on my computer after registering?

Just go to Control Panel > Network and internet > network and sharing center > setup a new connection or network >

- Click to Setup a dialup or VPN connection

- Choose to create a connection

- When asked how you want to connect, choose to use your existing internet connection

- Enter the internet server address: e.g. 1.22.333.444 i.e It should be the server address given to you.

- Enter the destination name e.g. UK IP and
Click on next

- Enter the username and password that was sent to you by email

Once you have the above settings and you are connected to the internet, you can change your IP address by also connecting to the VPN account.

How do I make payment?
You can make payment through your Naira Card or Paypal. Visa and Mastercard are the cards accepted.

Although there are many other people and websites that may have told you that you can change your IP address for free by using several online annonymizers but I have to say that those are not reliable methods. The most reliable method as far as I know is by getting a VPN account and using it to change your IP.

In summary, what I'm saying is that what you need to change your IP address reliably and effectively is a VPN account and you have to pay for it.

Get a VPN account today

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