How to get rid of Bed bugs


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Bedbugs are tiny insects that live inside a mattress or bed. They are so tiny that it is difficult to even see them with our naked eyes. But if a bed is infected with bedbugs, you feel their impact because you have this itchy sensation all over your body anytime you lie down on that bed, and once you scratch it, it turns to a reddish mark. Bedbug feed on the blood of victims, that is why should be eliminated as soon as you notice them. Most times, it is difficult to get rid of them as they breed in thousands. Some people even suggest that the best way to get rid of bedbugs is to out rightly burn the mattress with covers. Before going into ways to eliminate bedbugs, letís look at some of the things that bring bedbugs in a mattress.

Things that attract bedbugs:

i. a damp and dirty mattress can turn to a breeding home for bedbugs

ii. Bedbugs can be transferred from a bed to another if the bed sheet used in a bedbug infested mattress is also used to cover a new bed. Some of the eggs or the bugs itself would land on the mattress and make it a new breeding place.

Some ways to prevent and eliminate bedbugs include:
i. Always ensure that the bed sheet you use on a new mattress is not bug infested.

ii. Always sun you mattress under the hot sun from time to time e.g. Weekends

iii. When a mattress is infested with bedbugs, the best thing to do is to wash the mattress, soak it into a chemical that will kill the bugs and place it under a hot sun to dry.

Bedbugs can be killed by heat, insecticides and frequent washing.

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