Dealing with cockroaches at your home


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Just like rats, cockroaches are pests and are dangerous to the health, so every possible should be taken to ensure that they are gotten rid of in the home. One other bad thing about cockroaches is that they breed and reproduce very fast. If you donít get rid of them at an early stage, they can lay hundreds of eggs and hatch them, making it more difficult to get rid of them at that stage.

What actually attracts cockroaches into out homes is a question we have to answer first.

Things that attract cockroaches:
- A Dirty Environment: Cockroaches grow and breed well in a dirty environment.

- Hidden Places: if you have a lot of hidden places at home like the wardrobes, stalls and where you pack your food stuffs, chances are that these areas are breeding ground for cockroaches.

- Water and wet places: Cockroaches also tend to stay close to water reservoirs and places that normally have running water. These places are normally wet and can be a breeding ground for cockroaches.

Some ways to get rid of cockroaches in the home include:
i. Clear your Dirty Environment: cockroaches breed well where dirty abounds, so to stop its breeding and get rid of them, you have to clear up your environment;. Sweep out thoroughly and clean with disinfected water.

ii. Clean up hidden places where you store things regularly: as we mentioned above, cockroaches breed well in hidden places such as wardrobe, where you pack your food items, it is advisable to clear up those places regularly to get rid of cockroaches and prevent its newly layed eggs from hatching.

iii. Make use of insecticides from time to time. This will help keep their numbers under control.

iv: Repair any place with leaking water and get rid of stagnant water and wet places.

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