How to eradicate rats in your home


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Rats are pests and a dangerous one at that because not only can they destroy things at home, they can also spread germs in the home if not contained.

Before going into how to eradicate rats in the home, letís look at some of things that attract rats into the home in the first place.

Things that attract rats

i. Dirty Surrounding: If the home is dirty and unkempt, chances are that rats would make it a breeding place

ii. Leaving food in the open: Rats go around in search of food, if they find out that they can get well fed in your house, it can make them to stay.

Letís look at some of the ways to eradicate rats in you home
- Clean up your Surrounding: as we mentioned earlier, one of the things that attracts a rat to a home Is a dirty surrounding. If you want to get rid of rats, clear up your surrounding, get rid of unwanted materials which constitute dirty in the home and keep every area in your home neat

- Get rid of food remnant in the house and properly preserve food left overs from the previous day.

- Make use of rat poisons and traps: there are different products in the market that helps in the eradication of rats in the home. It can be rat poison which con be mixed with little pieces of food like bread and dropped in strategic areas of the house. You can also use mouse traps to trap and kill the rats.

Whichever method you opt to use, always make sure that you find and get rid of the rats as soon as they are killed.

If the rats in your home tend to overwhelm you and are just too much, you might consider inviting pest control service providers from time to time till they have been totally eradicated.

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