Things to checkout before paying your house rent


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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you paid for your rent and when you moved in, you found out that some things were not as you expected them to be? Before you pay that rent it is best not to assume that things will be pre-arranged for you, it is better to personally check up to make sure that at least the basic things are in place. This article will outline some things to checkout in your house before paying the rent.

- Total Cost of the Rent: This is the first thing to checkout. Find out how much the rent is, how long the leasing period will last. Also find out from the Agent or Owner if there are other hidden costs which you will be expected to pay once you become a Tenant. Some House owners expect their Tenants to foot extra bills like electricity bills, and water bills. If you canít afford the cost involved, then is the best time to back out. You also need to know if they are other fees like agency fees, agreement fees, taxes and so on.

- Rent renewal interval: You also need to check how long the rent duration is for and when the renewal has to be made. You need to know if it rent is billable on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis

- Size: Before paying you house rent, you are expected to check out the size of the apartment, the number of rooms inside the apartment to make sure it suites your accommodation need. The rooms should be average in size, and if itís a flat, it should come with a sitting room, a dining room, toilets and bathrooms.

- Location: This is another important factor to put into consideration before paying for a rent. Each and every one of us has our daily activities that keep us busy throughout the day, such as our places of work, school, and church. The apartment you are paying for should be located within driveable distance of these locations, to avoid extra transportation fees and stress involved with going and coming back.

- Utilities: Before paying for a rent, you should check to ensure that the house comes with all basic utilities needed in a house; such good water, electricity, toilets and bathroom space. Also find out if there are extra charges to be paid for these amenities and who will foot the bills. It is also advisable to check for the general state of the Building. If is a new building, or does it require some renovations. If the house needs some renovations, it should be handled by the Owner of the house before you pay and move in.

- Security: This is another important factor to check for before paying or your house rent. Find out how secured the area is. The house must be secured with Burglary Proof Equipment and the location of the house itself should be somewhat safe from regular attacks, and robbery incidents. The Location should also be safe at night to enable People that work late at night to come home safely.

- Terms of lease: You need to properly read the terms of the rent before paying for rent and signing the rent agreement. It may be better if you just give it to your lawyer just to assure you it is ok.

Finally, it is also important to find out extra rules and regulations which you are expected to abide by as a Tenant, such as no smoking, and time you are expected to come back at night. If you canít handle such rules, it is better not to pay for the rent.

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