How to wash clothes without fading its colour


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Posted by Akanakem on Wednesday August 17, 2016 at 17:34:23:

Some clothes are made from fabrics that easily fade out. Once you wash the clothes, the colour in the fabric is absorbed into the water and the clothe fades with time. Wearing a clothe with faded fabrics looks so out of fashion, that is why you should learn to take extra care of your textile material clothes.

Some tips on how to wash your clothes without fading are;
First, always ensure that you donít wash the clothes regularly. Regular washing makes the colour fade away faster. Instead of washing, you can try to sun the clothes after wearing it once or twice. You should wash such fabrics only when it is truly dirty.

Secondly, avoid adding detergent to your laundry water. Most detergents contain an ingredient that makes such fabrics lose its colour easily. Instead of making use of detergent, it is better you make use of a bar soap to wash. The bar soap will wash out dirt, give your clothes a good fragrance and still maintain its colour.

Finally, you can add salt into your wash water. Salt is known to help prevent fabrics from losing its colours.

So if you have clothes that fade colour easily, you can follow this process to wash the colour and still maintain its colour.
i. Ensure that the clothe is really dirty
ii. Get a bucket of clean water add a handful of salt to the water
iii. soak the clothe inside the water and wash out immediately with a bar soap
iv. Rinse in a clean water and dry in a cool shade.

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