How to get rid of beg bugs in Nigeria


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Posted by Chidinma on Friday May 1, 2015 at 10:50:39:

A Bed bug is a very tiny insect that can get out of hand if not handled early enough. Many homes in Nigeria are infested with bed bugs and these insects are so tiny that you may not notice their presence at first until they get out of hand and they can multiply into hundreds of thousands of little bugs in a very short period of time. One way to know that you home is infested with bed bugs is if you see tiny reddish/black bites on your body or the bed that is similar with mosquito bites even when there are no mosquitoes around the house.

They are a big problem in Nigeria as many homes have it but find it hard to get rid of them.

Things you can do:

1. Use a bed bug catcher: There are small containers you can use to catch a bed bug. The container has rough edges on the outside with smooth walls on the insider which will allow the bed bugs to climb in but not climb out. You will start seeing results in a few days as it traps bed bugs inside the container. When using it, ensure that it is not placed close to a wall or vertical frame that will allow them climb out. See one on Amazon

2. Use Pesticides: Pesticides can e a quick and effective way to get rid of beg bugs since it kills them almost instantly. You just have to spray the chemical at hot spots where bed bugs are more likely to be like at corners of the room, bed and bed frames. It can be repeated weekly until the bugs are totally gone. If you donít want to use the harsh method of spraying pesticides, you can also use this organic method of keeping beans leaves on the affected areas. Bean leaves have hairs on it that trap bed bugs, break the joints and keep it glued to the leave; remember to pick up the leaves and burn later.

3. Use Freezing Air Conditioners: Bed bugs can survive cold temperatures but not extreme cold. If you have an AC unit that can go keep the room at a temperature of -16C, it can help get rid of bed bugs. Remember to stay away from the room for the period.

4. Use heat: Bed bugs don't survive in extreme heat and so using heat to fight them off can be a good way to get rid of them. You may use a heater, heat sprayer or just the sun's heat to get rid of them. Doing simple things like laying the mattress in the sun can kill them. You may also heat the entire room with a heater.

5. Using a mattress cover: Since most bed bugs tend to stay and survive inside your mattress, their chances of survival are higher if your mattress has holes or is torn. Using a mattress cover can help kill them off as it will isolate them from the outside and they'll start dying inside the cover. A mattress cover helps make your mattress look newer as well as cover your entire mattress. It also comes with a zip that will prevent the bed bugs from getting outside. The bed bugs will start dying after a few weeks of isolation.

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