How to get rid of bacteria and germs in your bathroom with bleach


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Posted by Chidinma on Wednesday April 1, 2015 at 11:37:49:

The bathroom is a good breeding ground for bacteria and germs; and if not taken care of immediately can spread to other parts of the house like the kitchen and may enter into food and cause illness and diseases; one way to curtail or prevent the spread of bacteria and germs in the bathroom is by using bleach. Bleach is a liquid cleaning agent that contains chemicals that kill off germs and bacteria that comes in contact with it; it is very important to use it when cleaning the bathroom to get rid of unseen germs and bacteria. In this article, I will discuss how to use bleach to get rid of bacteria in the bathroom:

1. Add into Water: you can add little drops of bleach into your cleaning water with liquid soap or detergent before you start cleaning up the bathroom; this works well for floor cleaning. The little drops of bleach inside the cleaning water is enough to get rid of any bacteria on the floor while cleaning. Remember to rinse off your hands after you are done with the cleaning to wash out any residual of the bleach on your hands. You can also use the bleach water with brush to scrub the enamel bathtub; it helps to whiten it while killing off germs that may cling to it.

2. Sprinkle on the Bathroom: another way to get rid of germs on the bathroom is by sprinkling bleach inside the bathroom; this method should be used regularly even when you are not ready to clean the bathroom.

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