Basic things you need in a one room apartment


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Posted by Chidinma on Thursday December 25, 2014 at 20:16:43:

If you are a student or you are just starting out your career right after college, chances are there that you may have to live in a one room apartment until such a time your finances gets better. Living in a one room apartment means that your; bedroom, kitchen and living room will all be combined in the single room apartment, which means that you have to get only the very necessary items you need, so that the room will not be crowded.

Some Basic Things You Need In A One Room Apartment include:

1. Wardrobe: living in a room apartment, you wouldn’t like your clothes to be found in every corner of the room; the only reasonable thing to do is to get a wardrobe, preferably, an inbuilt wardrobe on the wall. Also get a laundry basket to keep your dirty clothes.

2. Bed: a bed is another basic thing you need in a one room apartment; if the room is not spacious enough to contain the bed furniture, you can get a mattress and place it directly on the floor.

3. Curtains: curtains are needed to cover the windows from sun rays and also to give you privacy from people outside.

4. Study Table And Light: if you are a student, you need a reading table and light for reading as reading on your bed can make you uncomfortable and easily tired.

5. Cooking Utensils: unless you plan to eat out everyday which can be quite expensive given your limited income, then you have to make arrangement to get yourself some cooking utensils like stove, plates and pots.

Other basic things that are not much of a necessity include; rug or carpet for the floor, fan for when the weather is hot, and some gadgets for entertainment.

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