How to protect your clothes from losing colour


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Posted by Chidinma on Wednesday October 22, 2014 at 11:17:30:

Have you noticed that sometimes some of your clothes tend to lose colour; you clothes begins to look faded and worn out. Some of the things that can cause a cloth to lose colour include: when you constantly wear a particular set of clothes for a long time, also when you wash your clothe with the wrong type of detergent or using bleach to wash a coloured clothe, finally some clothes naturally removes colour when you wash them especially wrapper materials.

I will discuss some of the things to protect your clothes from loosing colour fast:

- Use salt to wash coloured materials: some materials naturally remove colour when soaked in water, to help prevent this, you can add salt to the water before soaking, this will help prevent the clothes from losing its colour.

- Wash with soap instead of detergent: some detergents have a very harsh effect on clothes and when used constantly can make your clothes loose its colour. You can replace detergent with washing soap; also use bleach for washing white clothes because bleach tends to make coloured clothes lose its colour.

- Reduce constant washing and wearing of a particular set of clothes: have you noticed that if you have a matching top and trousers, if you continually wear only the trouser with other clothes, with time, it will fade from the original colour; this also happens when you are constantly wearing the same set of clothes, the set of clothes is bound to lose its colour with time. You can avoid this by getting extra sets of clothes and wearing them interchangeably.

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