Health benefits of eating fish


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Posted by James on Monday August 24, 2015 at 15:15:27:

One of the popular foods that is most beneficial to the body is the fish.

Fish contains a low amount of saturated fat that is high in omega -3 and this is considered great for the heart. These components are known for protecting the heart from diseases and keeping the cholesterol level in the blood low.

Fish is also known to improve circulation in the body and thus reducing risk of thrombosis- it clears your vessels. This food help to stop your body from producing a hormone-like substance called eicosanoids responsible for inflammation and blood clotting.

Medical discoveries have it that incorporating fish into our daily diet helps in dealing with rheumatoid arthritis (a condition that causes swell-ups in the joint). It also helps to fight against and prevent a disease called osteoarthritis.

Eating fish regularly does great good o the eye. It keeps it bright and healthy. For the aged, eating of fish can help protect their eye from rapid degeneration of the retina causing their eyesight to become blurred. Fish contains a form of vitamin A called retinol which helps in boosting night vision.

The fish being a seafood supplies the body with various nutrients considered essential for the body. These nutrients like selenium, potassium, iodine and zinc goes a long way in ensuring that the body runs smoothly.

The fish is known to be a great source of collagen and this substance helps keep the skin flexible and firm. I prevents occurrence of certain skin conditions.

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