Why Nigerians should stop using bleaching cream


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Posted by Chidinma on Wednesday May 6, 2015 at 15:0:54:

Some Nigerians tend to think that being fair skinned is better than being dark skinned and so for them, the prevalent phrase is that fair is beautiful rather than black is beautiful. Does a person have to be fair in order to be categorized as being beautiful or handsome? A a result of the craze for fair skin most especially by young people who've been mostly westernized by Pay TV, there has been an outrageous increase in the use of bleaching or skin whitening creams in Nigeria.

Some people that where born dark are now following the trend of white beauty not minding the fact that fair skinned people live mostly i colder climes like Europe and America. It is necessary that Nigerians get to know the dangers associated with whitening or bleaching the skin before taking such drastic decision.

Some the reasons why Nigerians should stop bleaching include;

1. Skin cancer: skin cancer is most times associated or said to be caused by some of the chemicals found in bleaching creams; which is one reason why Nigerians should learn to do away with bleaching creams.

2. High Blood Sugar: most people donít know of this particular fact, that bleaching creams contain steroids which helps to increase the blood sugar level; that is why it is very dangerous for a diabetic patient to use bleaching cream; even without being diabetic, it is very dangerous as it works the blood sugar level above normal.

3. Kidney Damage: another danger of using bleaching cream is that it contains mercy; and this mercy in turn infused into the blood stream and further more into the kidney where it produces mercy poisoning that damages the kidney.

4. It weakens the the outer skin: As bleaching creams remove the black pigment on the skin, it in turn thins out the skin and this can result to stretch marks or other skin damages.

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