Ways to make your skin look smoother and younger


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Posted by Chidinma on Wednesday May 6, 2015 at 14:36:45:

As you get older, you'd notice that the skin starts to get dry and wrinkles begin to appear but proper care of the skin can help to maintain a smooth and younger outlook.

In this article, I will outline some ways to help keep the keep smooth and give it a healthier look;

1. Eating Much Fruits and Vegetables: fruits and vegetables contain many minerals that helps to keep the skin smooth and glow; eating much of fruits and vegetables will help keep skin smooth and younger.

2. Bathing at least Twice a Day: Another way to maintain a health and smooth skin is to ensure that you wash your body at least twice a day to remove dirt that may be blocking the skin pore; when the skin pore is kept open and free from clog, it will make it glow and look younger. Water will also help add moisture to the skin.

3. Using Moisturizing Cream: Making use of moisturizing cream especially when you are ready to go to bed will help keep the skin soft, smooth and look younger.

4. Use Ultra Violet Cream: Certain creams contain ultra violent screen that protects the skin from direct effect of the sun; extensive under the sun can lead to sun burn and also make wrinkles to appear on the skin faster; that is why the use of Ultra violet creams are necessary to protect the skin from the harsh effect of the sun and keep it look younger.

5. Exfoliating your skin: Skin exfoliation is a treatment involves the removal dead skin scales; and this is another method that helps to keep the skin healthy and smooth.

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