Things that cause hair loss


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Posted by Chidinma on Wednesday May 6, 2015 at 14:34:39:

Hair loss in this context has to do with when your hair gets to fall off your scalp for no just reason; this is different from having a bald hair which in most case is a natural occurrence as a result of gene. Letís look at some common factors that are responsible for hair loss;

1. Sickness: Some illnesses can cause a drastic hair loss in the patient; illness like cancer can result to hair loss of the patient at the later stage; not just cancer, there are other sicknesses that one of their symptoms is unusual hair loss.

2. Hair Relaxers: Hair Relaxers are made from chemicals which are used to soften the hair for easier maintenance; extensive use of strong Hair Relaxers can make the hair thin, damage the scalp and in most cases result to hair loss; that is why people are advised to use Hair Relaxers not more than 6 times a year depending on how stubborn the personís hair is.

3. Diet: one of the major factors that affect the growth, health and outlook of our hair is our diet; people that eat more of fruits and vegetables with plenty of water are likely to have more healthy hair while people that have a poor diet plan are more likely to suffer damage as a result deficiency of vital nutrients.

4. Lack of Proper Care: when the hair is not properly taken care of by proper washing, it will likely result to hair loss with time.

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