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In most parts of West Africa, one of the most popular food items that is available in the market and consumed is garri. It is a grainy substance that is made from cassava which has been ground and dried by roasting. One reason why many people eat it is because it has some health benefits. In terms of its colour, it is white but also yellow if it has been roasted with an additive like palm oil. People in Eastern Nigeria prefer the yellow garri while people in Western Nigeria tend to prefer the white garri. They both have similar health benefits and are abundantly available since cassava is a major food crop in West Africa.

The health benefits of eating garri are:

It gives energy: Garri contains a lot of carbohydrates which gives you an abundance of energy from just the consumption of a single cup of it. Carbohydrates are good for the body as it gives it the essential energy it needs to function but too much consumption of carbohydrates can lead to weight gain so it's best to eat it in moderation only while maintaining a good body mass index ratio.

It contains dietary fiber: Garri has good fiber which can help you to to have a normal bowel movement as well as reduce your cholesterol level. It reduces your desire to eat more food and hence helps you maintain a good body weight. If eaten with soup, try not to eat soup that it twice as much as the garri that it eaten so as not to avoid necessary weight gain. It's better to eat more garri than soup rather than vice versa since it contains less fat and more fiber.

It gives Magnesium and Copper to your body: It has been reported that garri which is produced from cassava has some beneficial nutrients such as magnesium and copper which are both good for the body. Magnesium helps promote good health and reduces blood pressure as well as reduces likelihood of one getting osteoporosis since it helps makes your bones stronger.

It contains Vitamin C and Folate: These nutrients are good for the body as Vitamin C protects the heart from coronary disease while folate helps protect against colon cancer.

With all the above health benefits which garri offers to Nigerians and indeed many West Africans, it makes one understand why many people in this region have a healthy and active lifestyle. Just eat it in moderation and you should be ok.

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