7 Things that Nigerian men unknowingly do that protects them from prostate cancer


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Prostate cancer is a dangerous illness and it's not something anyone should pray to have. It's a form of cancer that mostly affects men who are older. It is a growing problem in Nigeria that seems to have grown in relation to civilization as it wasn't as rampant as it is now as it was in the past.

Many men in Nigeria have heard about prostate cancer but there only few of them who really know what it is or how it can be prevented. While some men are educated enough to know what lifestyle can help protect them from the cancer, there are many more that just don't know what to do as they've left their future to fate.

Some Nigerian men have taken steps to protect themselves from prostate cancer because they've studied about it and may have attended workshops and enlightenment programs about it,, there are a lot more Nigerian men who just don't know what to do to protect themselves but luckily, some of them have lifestyles that naturally protect them from prostate cancer even though they don't know they are protected.

Here are a couple of things some Nigerian men do unknowingly that actually protects them from prostate cancer:

1. Eating fruits
Some Nigerian men who know little or nothing about prostate cancer just have habit of eating fruits because they like doing so. They eat fruits that are sold in Nigeria such as bananas, oranges, guavas, sour sops, udara, tangerines, pears and so on. All those fruits are really helpful in fighting the free radicals that encourage cancer to grow and those Nigerian men eat those fruits just because they like it. For them, it is a habit to eat fruits but they are not doing it because they want to fight cancer.

2. Walking
Some Nigerian men have formed a habit of walking for more than 30 minutes a day. They just like walking and are not necessarily doing it because they want to stay fit but because they feel it's part of them and something they just can't live without. Doing Walking exercises on a daily basis have been shown to help prevent men from prostate cancer as it boosts the body's immunity while also helps it to maintain a good weight. Studies have also shown that obese men are more likely to have prostate cancer than slim men.

3. Dancing
Some Nigerian men just love to dance at parties and event. Some even just like dancing as a form of fitness at home or their gym. Dancing is a good way for many of them to de-stress and feel good. It's a good physical activity and like walking, it also helps to prevent cancer by keeping the body fit.

4. Eating a low fat diet
Some Nigerian men have a habit of avoiding fatty foods and this includes foods like meats, fried foods, milk and chocolates. They just like eating healthy foods that are mostly cooked and are low in fat. They are not exactly doing it because they want to protect themselves from prostate cancer but because they are used to low fat foods as it's become a habit for them. It's a good habit and actually helps to protect men from cancer of the prostate.

5. Eating fish
Eating fish is a good thing as it's healthier to eat fish than red meat. Some Nigerian men know the value of fish and prefer it in their diets rather than meat. Some eat it because they like how it tastes while others eat it because they know it's better for them. What many of them may not know is that it actually protects them from prostate cancer and it's healthier to eat smoked or cooked fish than roasted or fried ones. Scientific studies have shown that fishes such as as salmon, tuna and herring contain omega-3 fatty acids, a type of fatty acid that has been linked to a reduced risk of prostate cancer.

6. Engaging in a physical fitness program
Some Nigerian men just love to stay fit and maintain a good Body Mass Index(BMI). A BMI of 30 or close is said to be a good value which slim men mostly have while obese men tend to have BMIs much off the recommended numbers. Some men have a fitness program that may include them joining a gym class just to stay fit. They are doing it to stay fit but unknown to many of them, it's also protecting them from prostate cancer. Note that having a pot belly increases one's risk of developing prostate cancer and so a pot belly is not a good evidence of living. They engage in fitness programs that would help them maintain a good body weight or stay fit but unknown to many of them, it also protects them from prostate cancer.

7. Eating food prepared at home
Some Nigerian men hardly eat food outside their homes as they prefer eating food prepared for them by their wives or mothers. Some do it to avoid food poisoning outside while some do it to be considered as responsible men. Foods prepared at Nigerian homes are considered more healthy and less processed than foods prepared outside at restaurants and hotels. Besides, food prepared at home are more cooked than fried. So, unless your wife or mother is so lazy that she only likes cooking food from canned food or packaged food items, you are less likely to get prostate cancer by eating food prepared by them at home. So, it's better to have your wife or mother prepare food from fresh food items like yams, cassava, tomatoes and green vegetables than let her prepare it from packaged food items like canned/tin food or packets of noodles or spaghetti. The type of meals most Nigerian women prepare at home are less likely to cause you cancer than the ones prepared outside but you have to be ensure that she is not using food items that have been imported or processed. Raw food items are preferred and it's better it's cooked than fried.

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